Life Cycles


We’re here for you

Temple Sinai is here to celebrate with you during joyous occasions and to comfort you during times of sorrow. Our clergy and educators can help you choose a Hebrew name for your new son, design a baby-naming ceremony for your daughter, or plan a wedding that suits your family.

Almost every Shabbat during the school year we welcome young adults into the Jewish community celebrating their bar/bat mitzvah. Youth learn to understand the service and the Torah portion as well as learn to participate in the Shabbat service. Our inclusive community welcomes and accommodates learners with special needs.

Whether you are welcoming a baby, hosting a wedding or rejoicing  at a bar/bat mitzvah, we encourage you to celebrate here. There are various rooms available for dinners and parties and
several caterers to accommodate every event need.

At times of loss, our rabbis and cantors are present with families and officiate at funerals and memorial services. Temple has a reserved area at Pardes Chaim and an interfaith section at Lambton Hills Cemetery.

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