Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto


(20’s and 30’s)

We are the “next generation” of Temple Sinai, leading the way forward. We love doing Jewish — whatever that means to you. We are Jews ranging in age from 20–39. Some of us grew up at Temple Sinai, some of us are new to the city. Some of us connect to our Judaism over beer, some of us connect over social action projects. Some of us are single, some of us are married. We are always looking for new folks to join our activities and strengthen our community.

We are:

1. Committed to making the world a better place.
2. Excited to share in Jewish memories with friends, new and old.
3. Proud of our Jewish narrative and the role we play to our people.
4. Aspiring to explore the Jewish community as a student and as a teacher.

Welcome to Temple Sinai’s Next Generation programs. Geared toward young adults, our events are an excellent way to network and meet other professionals in a fun and dynamic setting. 

Join us for one of our upcoming programs!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our Team


Rabbi Jordan Shaner