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Over 60 years ago, on May 9, 1954, eighteen men and women met. Together, they passed the motion of establishing Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto.

Today, Temple Sinai is a strong, diverse and vibrant community. Besides many inviting spiritual connections and dynamic educational opportunities, Temple Sinai is full of excitement at every turn, from hilarious Purim comedy competitions to spectacularly renovated event halls that offer a contemporary and spacious interior for all types of occasions.

We are passionate about our Jewish journey and want to inspire a love of lifelong learning, community and tradition.

Come, discover the possibilities.

Toronto Living

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city as well as its most diverse. 

Known as one of the world’s most multicultural cities, Toronto prides itself on its wide range of cultures, languages, food and arts.

Toronto is home to more than 140 neighbourhoods and districts. It has an extensive public transportation, run by the Toronto Transit Commission, that is reliable, whether by bus, a streetcar, or a subway.

The culture of cycling is very popular here with many trails and bike paths all over the city.

More than 200 km (120 miles) of trails are suitable for biking and hiking, and more than 1,600 parks are ideal for relaxation. Each park, including High Park, the Toronto Music Garden, the Christie Pits Park, and Sunnyside Park, offers different options for outdoor activities.

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Temple Sinai has years of experience and expertise in facilitating the immigration process for professionals who join our community.

Meet Our Professional team

Guidance and Leadership from the Best of the Best

Gratitude, pride and admiration: those are just a few of the sentiments Temple Sinai congregants express when asked to describe our dynamic team. Their gratitude stems from the caring support that our professional team offers in times of need, when comfort, solidarity and a sense of communal warmth are only a phone call away.

Shoshi Lugassy
Director of Early Childhood Programs
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Johanna Novis
Director of Community Engagement
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Ann Rosenfield

Ann Rosenfield
Director of Development
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Carrie Swartz
Director of Congregational Learning
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Ruthe Swern
Director of Communications
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Engage with our Members


“Growing up, we had Shabbat dinner every Friday night. My parents made Judaism a relevant part of my life from a very young age, so being involved with Temple Sinai just seemed like the next stop on my Jewish journey!” — Aaron Penciner


“One of the memories that has stuck with me most strongly is the tallit ceremony in the chapel beforehand. It was the first time that my parents’ pride hit home for me, and I felt connected to my family in ways I had not expected at all.” — Shuli Jones


“An important source of comfort came from the connections that I made to the wonderful group of men and women who supported one another every morning at Temple’s shacharit service. I appreciated the leaders’ role in making minyan the warm and welcoming environment that it continues to be.” — Ruthie Ladovsky


I treasure three highlights from my year of study to become an adult Bat Mitzvah at the age of 67. First, I kept a journal focused on my Jewish living. Second, I helped to develop a brochure that is still used today to help interfaith couples understand how they are welcome at Temple. Third, I learned how to chant Torah. It makes me truly feel my connection to Torah.” — Fern Gitter

About Our Community

Lifelong learning is built into the fabric of our Temple community. It’s a value we hold near and dear to our hearts! As we pursue our own Jewish journeys, our rabbis, cantors, and educators help us answer our burning Jewish questions, connect to the wealth of Jewish wisdom, and satisfy our curiosity.

Services at Sinai
Schools at Sinai

Traditional, Progressive and Innovative Jewish Expression

For over sixty years, Temple Sinai has evolved to express and engage in our traditions so they remain meaningful and relevant to the Jewish people of today. Rich in texture, balanced in ideas and steeped in tradition, Temple Sinai continuously creates compelling, innovative and authentic Jewish experiences, allowing every member to forge their own Jewish path.

Temple Sinai is passionate about honouring the well-worn path of tradition while exploring new avenues that maintain the relevance of Jewish ritual and celebration. Our unique Eternal Record and Family Albums create continuity and a written history that strike a chord with every member who marks the celebration of a simchah, or the significance of their membership.
Click here for a glimpse into our Temple Sinai Eternal Books by Nell Waldman
In beautifully integrating our important traditions, Temple Sinai recognizes the significance of our members’ milestone events in creating stepping-stones for future generations as they forge their own journeys of celebrations.

Pride? Rabbi Michael Dolgin, our senior rabbi, epitomizes a progressive style of leadership (he pioneered interfaith burial for our community)—that balances such innovative pathways as same-sex marriage, dying with dignity and organ donation with a learned, traditional approach to living the values that keep us centred. As a champion of the growth of Israel’s Reform Movement, he helps members maintain an active and thoughtful relationship with the state.

Admiration colours our pride in the creative musical genius that Cantor Charles Osborne, our senior cantor, the steward of Temple’s musical legacy, brings to our liturgy and services through the most beautiful music.

“Temple Sinai is an incredible place. It has a balance between traditional customs and progressive ideas. Our values of community, accessibility, and dedication to Israel are exhibited every day in our programming and liturgy. There is inspiration here for all of us, an opportunity for engagement, an opportunity to ensure the future for our children, our families and our community.” — Shari Zuckerman, Past-President, Temple Sinai