Young Families

Young Families

Shalom and Welcome Home!

Welcome to our Young Families community. We are a mixture of parents, children, clergy and Temple Sinai members who come together to explore learning, friendship and growth, all within our fun and positive Judaic landscape. We are committed to:

  • Delivering unique and insightful programming in a fun, dynamic and welcoming environment
  • Bringing a strong community together and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard
  • Teaching our children the importance and special qualities of Judaism
  • Don’t miss celebrating Shabbat, family style! The traditions of Shabbat are presented, along with lessons surrounding life, festivals or other themes. We watch our younger children sing, dance and celebrate, while the older kids engage in meaningful discussions and enjoy bringing forward their insights. At Shabbat Mishpachah there is something for all members of the family.

  • One of the most beautiful times of the week is closing off Shabbat. Throughout the year, we plan several special Havdalah for our young families to experience. Please join us as we share these magical times, singing, playing, praying and participating in a great family activity.

  • Latkes, dreidels, lighting the chanukkiyah and having lots of fun is all part of our Temple Sinai Chanukah celebration.

    Don’t miss out on this family fun event that gets the whole family excited!

  • Mordecai, Queen Esther, a troll, a superhero, or a bumblebee, Purim is the time of the year when we are always so excited to see our community’s costume creativity.

    Join us annually, as we celebrate Purim in a fun, unique and inviting environment for all family members.

  • Over the course of the year, look out for some fun events taking place inside and outside Temple Sinai. They are exciting, educational and allow you to meet other community members.


Rachael Goodman
Rachael Goodman

Young Families Engagement Specialist

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