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Past S’lichot Sponsoring Families

Anne & Nathan Max Goldman z”l
Nathan Max Goldman was born in 1921 and arrived in Canada from the Ukraine at the age of four. Anne Goldman (nee Mitchell) was born in 1927 to parents recently arrived in Canada from Poland. The couple was married in 1946 and had four children, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Nathan became a prominent and highly regarded land developer and builder of residential homes. Anne’s family were well-known caterers and were the first caterers at the Adath Israel Synagogue in North York.

Together, they were an inseparable duo and were involved in many philanthropic endeavors in support of both the Jewish Community and other charitable causes.

Nathan loved to sing. His exceptional interest in music was reflected in his choir leadership both in high school and while at university in Guelph. Nathan and Anne shared a deep connection to Jewish music.

Nathan passed away in March, 2014 and Anne in August, 2017. The support of this S’lichot Service, made by their family in loving memory, is a meaningful tribute to Nathan and Anne’s love of music and commitment to their Jewish heritage.

Betty Lastman z”l
Betty Lastman was a beautiful and wise woman with a passion for life. She was born June 1, 1911, in Poland and came to Toronto as a young girl. She met her husband, Nathan z”l, and they were married on March 6, 1936. They had a very happy life together until Nathan’s passing in 1978.

Betty was active in the community and volunteered her time to Baycrest, Jewish Family & Child and the Red Cross. In recognition of her charitable work, she was honoured for her dedication to the community.

She was a beacon of strength for her entire family. Her children, grandchildren and many great-grandchildren often looked to herfor her wisdom, insight and direction. She was committed to the importance of family and the love and devotion that is expressed within the family unit. Her inner strength was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

Betty Lastman passed away on June 15, 2016. It is with the greatest of love and respect for her that her memory is being honoured in support of this special S’lichot service.

Allan C. Rose z”l
Strong and good natured, Allan C. Rose, QC, was a loving husband, father and stepfather to eight children and 18 grandchildren. Alan’s boundless energy and determination led him to pursue a career in law. He founded the firm Rose, Persiko and Arnold. During his many years of practice, he focused on real estate, corporate and commercial law. His extensive experience with negotiation served him well when he became a Canadian consul to southern Mexico for a dozen years.

Allan and his second wife Norine enjoyed giving back to the community and were dedicated to advancing the testing and treatment of individuals with hearing impairment. Allan helped to establish the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS), a non-profit organization that removes barriers to communication and advances hearing health. He served as its first president. Allan and Norine continued their work of advancing the cause of assisting those with hearing deficits through over two decades of support for the Lakeside School for the Deaf in Jocotopec, Mexico.

Allan passed away in June of this year. Through the many years of work with the hearing impaired, Allan became ever grateful for the joys of music. In recognition of Allan’s dedication, the family thought it befitting to celebrate his life with music. In that spirit, please enjoy tonight’s program.

Pearl Rottenberg Wainstock z”l
Pearl Rottenberg Wainstock was born, raised and lived her entire life in Toronto. With her husband Max, she was an early member of Temple Sinai and took great care to ensure that her growing family would come together at Temple for High Holy Days each and every year.

Because of her fine intellect, formidable memory and her quiet demeanor, Pearl was the obvious matriarch in an extended clan that included nieces, nephews, cousins and friends who relied on her wisdom and counsel. Pearl raised her family with an unwavering commitment to Judaism and the Jewish community.

It is with the greatest of love and respect for Pearl, who passed away on June 1st, 2015, that we support, in her memory, the special beauty of a S’lichot Service.

Lillian Winter z”l
Lillian Dankevy Winter was born in Poland and came to Canada in 1926 with four of her six siblings, thanks to her Auntie Sophie Goldman who made the fateful decision to bring her family to Canada instead of expanding the small family creamery in downtown Toronto. In 1943, Lil married Martin Winter and together they raised four children, who all grew up at Temple Sinai. The tradition has
carried on with eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

It is fitting that we are honouring the memory of our dearest Lillian with S’lichot prayer and music as our mom adored attending Temple and all things musical. Our earliest memories of the High Holy Days include our mother’s love of the cantors’ voices, our choirs and the beautiful liturgical music associated with prayer. Of course, we ate dinner at 4 in the afternoon so as not to miss Kol Nidre.

These will be our first High Holy Days without her; yet, we will surely feel her presence as we proudly co-sponsor this unique evening of theatre, music and prayer.

Like Smoke Above the Wind — 2017 Severin Weingort Musical Legacy Concert

Cantor Charles Osborne
Cantor Charles Osborne


Cantor Sharon Brown Levy
Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy


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