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New! Nordic Pole walking

Nordic Pole walking is a low-impact exercise that provides the highest benefits for health, wellness and fitness. Normal walking utilizes muscles in the lower half of the body while pole walking adds the use of your upper body muscles, your arms, back, shoulders and neck. Pole walking turns your walk into a whole-body activity. It also complements our Power of Posture fitness program.

If you have never Pole walked, we will have instruction to help you at our first walking adventure. Come walk with us and enjoy the outdoors walking and and making new friends with other Temple members in our local parks and ravines.

For more information, please call Marcie at 416.487.4161 or email

  • Put your tiles on the table! The game that originated in China has come to Temple Sinai. Don’t miss out on an afternoon of intrigue and fun. Make your next move a Mahjongg Connection.


  • Sinai Stitchersweb

    Stitch by Stitch
    Temple Sinai Stitchers Make Beautiful Connections

    Do you knit or crochet? Have you ever been a knitter or crocheter? Or have you been thinking of starting? Sinai Stitchers welcomes you. Let’s meet, have a coffee, get to know other Temple members and connect.

    bunny1 webWe began our connections with the intention of knitting together — either to learn or to help others or to just come and create something that would be appreciated by others.

    Initially we gathered as individuals, but our relationships, enthusiasm and determination have allowed us to tackle more projects. We started knitting stuffed dolls — perfect baby gifts. We are also knitting patchwork baby blankets and adult throws.

    IMG 0999 web

    And then we knitted hats for the IDF. The Israel Committee helped us with a start-up donation. We quickly found that donations of needles and yarn were arriving, and we gratefully accept all yarn donations, so we started to knit scarves and hats for the homeless in our greater community and for youth at a community youth shelter. We concentrated on these projects for many months and have already sent hundreds of hats to Israel for the IDF and our hats and scarves go on the Ve’ahavta van for distribution.

    From our group, different leaders have emerged with the excitement of different projects. We hope our enthusiasm will inspire others.

    Temple Sinai Stitchers is truly an example of one of our successful Sinai Connections. Are you interested in something dear to your heart? Contact us.

  • Led by Natasha Leeson-Cooke

    Limited spaces available for the fall session.

    A mix of core strengthening, aerobic exercise and stretching, Power of Posture focuses on improving health and vitality. The class is geared to all levels of fitness and capabilities. Come and find out the remarkable affects that one hour can have on your body and spirit.

  • Bridge Connections

    Kitchen Bridge is what we play. Come and join us!

    Curling Connections

    Temple Sinai’s Curling Connection is in full swing! We have ice time and teams. Rocks will be thrown and ice will be swept.

    Curling is one of the most popular sports in Canada! It is a game of intriguing strategy that can be played by people of all ages. It’s a great way to meet new people and stay active.

    If you would like to join us, no experience is necessary; only enthusiasm to meet your fellow Temple community members and have some fun together is needed.

    First-Time Parents

    Are you expecting your first child? Do you know someone in our Temple community who is? Bringing a child into your family is an exciting and significant life event. Share your experiences with our new group of first-time expectant — pregnant or adopting — parents.

    Sinai Lawyers

    We’re well prepared to hold court. Many of us have ventured into the field of law. We spread across the GTA in various fields, both private and public. We share a passion for justice. Our opening lunch and learn included a teaching by Lorne Sossin, Dean of Osgood Law, on the fusion of Judaism and law.

    Spanish Speaking Sinai Connection

    Our lives are all about connections and interactions with people, our family, friends or those around us; however, sometimes it is hard to find the time or the venue to connect.

    On November 9, I “connected” with other Spanish speaking members of Temple, as part of the Sinai Connections project.

    Most of us moved to Canada and have that in common. Some were born here but shared the language. It was amazing, by just that shared connection, how a room full of strangers could feel like a room full of friends. Conversations started right away, stories were shared, and food was enjoyed, delicious food from many different parts of Latin America! Plans are already on the way for our next meeting and hopefully many more after that.

    I applaud Temple’s initiative to find shared connections within the community. Connecting doesn’t seem so hard anymore. — Debbie Gaysinsky


    You are invited to speak a bissel Yiddish with us on Sunday mornings.We hope to deepen the relationships that you make within our Temple Community.Practice what you already know or learn new words in a supportive, fun environment.We hope you will join us for many lively,friendly get-togethers.

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Sinai Connections is all about bringing our Temple family closer together. If you would like to be part of any of these existing groups or have an idea that will bring our Temple family closer together, please contact us.

Marcie Goldberg

Marcie Goldberg
Programming Coordinator


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