Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

Lorne Glass

Lorne was born in Toronto and growing up attended services at Temple Sinai with his parents, Ruth and Harold, and his sister, Debbie. Lorne went to religious school and Hebrew school at Temple Sinai when that was held at Faywood Public School, in portables in the Temple Sinai parking lot and then in the school building at Temple. He was not the best student but through the work of his parents, he always got perfect attendance certificates. Lorne had his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and also watched and had an Aliyah when his late father, Harold, had his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai.
Lorne was an infrequent attendee at Temple Sinai for many years but following the deaths of his parents, he began attending again and is very happy doing so.
Lorne became a lawyer in 1978 and began representing parents and children in family law matters. His work eventually expanded to include the representation of children’s aid societies, grandparents and others in both custody/access cases and child protection cases. Lorne has been chief counsel for Jewish Family and Child Service since 1997.
From 2016 to 2018, Lorne worked as the lead counsel on the Motherisk Commission and since then has continued to do work with the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.
Lorne has been a board member and enthusiastic supporter of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre and has also volunteered as a board member and the chair of Access for Parents and Children in Ontario and Vita Community Services/Mens Sana.
Lorne maintains a work/life balance by playing golf on a course or in his mind every day.