Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

Eleanor Millar

Eleanor is the Chief of Staff at Phaze 3 Associates. She is passionate about politics and has been involved with every aspect as both a volunteer in election campaigns for over twenty years as well as working as a political staffer. In Ottawa she worked for two Ministers, managing complex files and issues, and assisting with the success of legislative agendas.

Eleanor left Parliament Hill to work for a not-for-profit organization called CJPAC. As their Director of Campus Programming, she was responsible for their flagship program – the Fellowship. Her focus was on training university students who came from across the political spectrum to become more engaged in the political process. She used her creativity and organizational skills to plan major conferences each year in Ottawa involving dozens of speakers over multiple days. Watching many of the students she worked with take on increasingly senior roles in government, or be elected themselves, has been her most rewarding experience.

Looking for fresh challenges she joined Phaze 3 Associates in 2019 and in 2022 became Chief of Staff to the CEO. She works closely with him on projects related to philanthropy, Jewish community involvement as well as politics. She also started volunteering extensively with the charitable foundation started by the CEO of Phaze3 – Together We Stand – which honours Canada’s military families. She has been an instrumental part of developing Military Family Appreciation Day and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of their Military Family Advisory Committee. Eleanor has been part of a military family for almost 20 years and spent time living in Edmonton, Alberta before returning to Ontario. In her “off” time she spends it with her special seven-year-old son and cat, Remington.