Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

Message from the Rabbi

March 25, 2021


When we celebrated Pesach online last year, I really thought it would be a singular experience. How wrong I was! Here we are a year later and still unable to be together in person with those we love who are not in our household. While looking forward to this year’s “Seder from Sinai” with Cantor Osborne and our Temple Sinai Ensemble, Multigenerational and L’dor Vador Choirs, I am also frustrated that we must have this limited experience again.

Frustrated, yes, but also inspired. Just this week, Carrie Swartz and I were teaching our Confirmation class for this year. We asked the students whether they feel enslaved or liberated by technology. Clearly, their Jewish education has been a success since several answers were “on the one hand . . . and on the other hand.”

However, as a group, they landed clearly on how technology has given them (and us) liberating tools to get through this difficult year. I was proud of their maturity of outlook. They can focus on what we have more than what we lack.

We are so blessed that we can stay healthy and still find ways to avoid being alone. I can’t wait until we can change our behaviour and enjoy each other’s company again. Yet I must wait because that time is not yet.

If we want the maximum number of us to survive and be of good, undamaged health beyond the times of COVID-19, we must run all the way through the finish line. This is the time to show a commitment similar to that demonstrated by our ancestors. They faced challenges greater than these with lesser technological tools. Their communal ethic helped them survive. They remembered that we are all responsible for one another. We are here to face this challenge because they overcame theirs. On this unusual Pesach, let us honour those who came before us by caring for each other.

Chag Sameach v’Kasher!