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In honour of Israel’s 75th birthday, the Temple Sinai team would like to share a few of their favourite things about Israel with you.

Rabbi Dolgin

“I love the way Israel celebrates creativity. Musicians and poets are major public figures, and their work is honoured and present, even on signs in the street.”

Rabbi Shaner

Hummus Ben Sira in Jerusalem has the best hummusiyot.”

Cantor Osborne

“Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus at sunset, watching the entire city of Jerusalem turn to gold.”

Cantor Lebovitz

“When visiting the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, I fell in love with the work of artist Amrit Shimoni.”

Rayner Conway

“I love the many artist galleries in Safed, which is a magical place filled with calm and creativity.”

Ilana Mansharov

“At this moment, my favourite song is Beresheet by Idan Raichel. The lyrics and the music are what Israel is for me, love, diversity and family and joy.”

Ann Rosenfield

“Looking for a good book? I recommend Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City, by Andrew Lawler, which explores how the archeological exploration of this ancient city in the 1800s impacts current events.”

Shoshi Lugassy

“Visiting family in Israel, including my aunt — Israeli/Canadian writer, journalist, radio broadcaster, folksinger and dancer — Malka Maron, is always a highlight for me.”

What’s your favourite thing about Israel?
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7 thoughts on “Purim at Sinai”

  1. “Nahariya, in northern Israel, is my favourite place. I love walking on the boulevards, enjoying the restaurants…did you ever taste Pesach bread? A wonderful place…also a stone’s throw from my sister and brother-in-law who live in Gesher Hasiv.”

    Allan Kalin

  2. Seymore Applebaum

    We are going to experience a hot air balloon ride in the Gilboa area provided by Skytrek hot air balloon company. We would love people who are going on Toronto Federation trip in April 2023 to feel free to join us. Contact Seymore Applebaum for more information. (416) 892-8500

  3. Joanie and Murray Shiner

    1st visit to Israel 1988..
    1st night of Pesach
    Friday night service in Yemin Moshe
    followed by Seder with a view of the old city,
    and at the end of Seder the Haggada writes
    this year we are here ,next year in Jerusalem!!!
    WOW what A feeling and 4 more trips after that one…amazing

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