Getting Involved

The Next Generation Ski DayNo one is too cool for this shul!
We joined Temple Sinai in December of 2013, and are so glad we made this decision. We moved into the neighbourhood a few years ago and thought about joining a local synagogue, but had not found one that was quite right for us. After some friends suggested we visit Temple Sinai, we ended up being invited to a Temple Sinai Next Generation social event. We had a really positive experience here. The rabbi was extremely welcoming to us and the other members were friendly and down-to-earth. We attended another Next Generation event, along with a Shabbat service during Hanukkah and were so impressed — everybody seemed to go out of their way to say hello to us and make us feel comfortable. Since we have become members, we have participated in three different Temple Shabbat dinners, signed the membership book, attended the Purim Party, joined an educational session, and also partook in two excellent volunteer initiatives. We are so pleased and now proud to be members of Temple Sinai. The shul and those that make up the community are fantastic — and it keeps on getting better! We look forward to meeting additional members who will hopefully become friends in the years to come. Thank you! — Jessica & Ben Greisman


For Every Age and Stage
Beyond our full slate of worship opportunities, including daily morning and evening services, Temple is home to many social and Jewish cultural activities and events.

In fact, there’s a Temple group for almost every phase of life, including yours. Our seniors’ groups are very active, participating in excursions and creating at-Temple events year round. Every year we hold a Jewish Film festival featuring great movies from Israel and beyond. And our families with kids enjoy events geared for nursery school, bar/bat mitzvah years, and the teen years.

We also take pride in a very rich musical tradition that continues today with excellent member participation in our youth and adult choirs. Temple holds a number of concerts each year as part of our Sounds of Sinai program. We also provide strong support to members pursuing musical education and excellence.


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