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UJA’s ShinShinim Program

UJA’s Israel Engagement ShinShinim are young Israeli leaders who have just finished high school and come to the GTA for one year to volunteer in our community. Each year, the ShinShinim are hosted by local Toronto families, and engage more than 3,000 Jewish community members with cutting edge programs focusing on contemporary Israel.

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto has the largest delegation of ShinShinim in the world – currently 26. Toronto’s ShinShinim are active in over 40 day schools, synagogues, supplementary schools, youth movements, community programs, and summer camps across Toronto, with increasing demand each and every year. The ShinShinim informally teach about Israel through creative programs and challenging discussions, bringing an authentic Israel experience to the Toronto Community.

At Temple Sinai we have taken the initiative of participating in the Young Israeli Emissary Program. By hosting and housing young Israeli adults in a gap year (post high school and pre-military service), our entire Temple population, tots to seniors, experiences Israel through the perspectives and teachings of committed teenage Israelis.

Take the opportunity to experience Israel through the hearts, eyes and words of our ShinShinim and to connect and engage with these young adults, who will soon be in military garb, ensuring a safe and secure Israel for all of us.

Funding for the UJA’s ShinShinim Program at Temple Sinai has been made possible from donations to the Israel Special Projects Fund.

Elad Ariely

Elad lives in Shavey-Zion, a northern village near the seashore. He majors in physics, civics and English in high school. He is a musician and loves to play the saxophone, piano and guitar and enjoys cooking.

Elad has been part of the youth movement Bnai Hamoshavim and has a leadership position of being in charge of the guides.

Lihi Klein

Lihi is from Rishon LeZion and majors in international relations and film making in high school. Lihi has completed a leadership year with Diller Teen Fellows and has spent time with a Jewish community in New Jersey. She is a dancer and dances professionally.

Message from ShinShin Lihi Klein, March 2020

Message from ShinShin Elad Ariely, March 2020

D’var Israel 2019/2020


Bring a young Israeli emissary into your home and into your hearts and help us strengthen our community!

For more information, please contact BobbieLynn at education@templesinai.net or 416.487.3281.

BobbieLynn Brass

BobbieLynn Brass
Administrative Assistant