Our ShinShinim

At Temple Sinai we have taken the initiative of participating in the Young Israeli Emissary Program, a program that strives to bring Israel into our homes, into Temple and the wider Toronto community. By hosting and housing young Israeli adults in a gap year (post high school and pre-military service), our entire Temple population, tots to seniors, experiences Israel through the perspectives and teachings of committed teenage Israelis.

Take the opportunity to experience Israel through the hearts, eyes and words of our ShinShinim and to connect and engage with these young adults, who will soon be in military garb, ensuring a safe and secure Israel for all of us.

Funding for our Young Israeli Emissary Program has been made possible from donations to the Israel Special Projects Fund.

Asaf CohenAsaf Cohen

Asaf Cohen is 17 years old and is from the agricultural community of Givat Ada in which his family has lived for four generations. His majors in school are physics and theatre. He loves graphic design and enjoys reading English books.

He feels a deep sense of responsibility to serve their country as a part of their Shnat Sherut and to connect with and learn about Jews in the diaspora.

Rotem SaharRotem Sahar

Seventeen-year-old Rotem Sahar is from Kfar Saba. In school, she majors in physics and medical studies and plans to be a doctor. She has volunteered for Magen David Adom for three years. She enjoys singing and playing the guitar and drums and has a popular fashion blog.


Bring a young Israeli emissary into your home and into your hearts and help us strengthen our community!

For more information, please contact BobbieLynn at education@templesinai.net or 416.487.3281.

BobbieLynn Brass

BobbieLynn Brass
Administrative Assistant