Rabbi Michael Dolgin


Rabbi Michael Dolgin has served Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto since 1992. He is proud to have fostered a culture of innovation and tradition during his decades as senior rabbi. Rabbi Dolgin has worked with his professional colleagues to create a new, cultural approach to prayer and spirituality, bringing into the synagogue many forms previously found only in the theatre. His personal creative work is expressed in a three volume original siddur, Mikveh Yisrael used at shabbat, daily, and holiday services at Temple Sinai. Rabbi Dolgin’s love for learning and teaching traditional text has helped him to create a treasury of brief lessons housed on the Temple Sinai website on topics such as prayer and mitzvah. His work is imbued with the values of inclusion and welcoming, seeking to help Temple Sinai grow as an exemplary community with a warm place for all who wish to make it their spiritual home. Rabbi Dolgin is passionate about community engagement, interfaith and intercultural understanding and tikkun olam. His commitment to the State of Israel and its Reform and Progressive Movement is essential to his identity as a Jew and his work as a rabbi. Michael is the father of three sons, Andy, Matthew and Zach.

High Holy Days

2019 High Holy Days

Erev Rosh Hashanah

First Day Rosh Hashanah

Second Day Rosh Hashanah


Kol Nidre

Yom Kippur Morning Late Service

2018 High Holy Days

Erev Rosh Hashanah

First Day Rosh Hashanah Early Service

Kol Nidre

Yom Kippur Morning Late Service

Tisha B’Av and Israeli Democracy, July 2018

 Shabbat Hazon, July 2018

Sivan and the Raptors, June 2019


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