Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless (MJRH)

Ve'ahavta VanMJRH is a program for the homeless founded by Ve'ahavta (a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization). MJRH is a program where a van with one Ve’ahavta staff member and three volunteers, provides food, clothing, other essentials and, importantly, conversation to a population of people in our community that is very often isolated. Ve

We invite our membership to volunteer for this unique hands-on opportunity to provide nourishment to those without homes. Temple members will have a place in the van every other Monday evening. For those who want to volunteer or just want more information about this exciting initiative, please contact


A message from a father and son who went out on the MJRH van

Last night was great! What an eye-opening experience. The night ended early as we gave out all the food/coffee by 9ish. Regardless, we met many people, had some great conversations and were all feeling very good about giving back to the community. Speaking for my son and myself, we both met and talked to several memorable people, some of which might make it into my son’s recount of his portion.

For me personally, we stopped on Richmond Street, just east of Yonge Street. There was a blue tarp and Lauren got out and took some food and a coffee to the person under the tarp. My wife and I have driven downtown for years and I've seen the tarp. While I was pretty sure there was someone under it, I pushed it out of my mind. This experience brought it to the forefront and I will not pass by again thinking about the people and without trying to help. I was also pleasantly surprised by the politeness and thankfulness of the people we met. As I said, it was a great evening and experience.

My son and I have already talked about going out again.

Thank you for this great opportunity.

A message from volunteer Shane Feldman

Having the opportunity to go out in the van was eye opening, but not in the way I expected it to be. What my eyes were opened to was a community of kind, polite individuals who — for whatever reason — are currently living on the streets. While feeling safe and in great professional hands, I was able to interact and learn from these people, and add to the support that Ve’ahavta offers them five nights a week. There wasn't one person I met that night whose genuine gratitude I couldn't feel. It was amazing to feel like I was helping fill a void in these people . . . whether it was by way of a warm cup of coffee, a meal, or a comforting conversation. I'm looking forward to going out in the van again soon.

A message from Debby Feldman

The folks we met when we were out on the van were courteous, appreciative and thankful for the sandwiches, coffee and, most importantly, the conversation. It was a rewarding and eye opening experiencefor both my two teens and myself. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Flemington Breaksfast Program


Flemington Breakfast ProgramTemple Sinai’s Social Action Committee has worked with Flemington Public School for almost ten years. This is a school that is located in an area surrounded by social housing. Temple Sinai assisted the school in setting up a breakfast program open to all students in the school. With the assistance of Temple Sinai (Brotherhood, Women of Temple Sinai and SAC), The Investor’s Group and government support, Flemington has created a very successful breakfast program feeding as many as 100 children each morning.

The children are served a hot breakfast five days a week. The menu varies but includes foods like pancakes, eggs, French toast, yogurt, fresh fruit and juice. Temple members also donate cereal with at least two grams of fibre to help supplement the menu.

Temple Sinai congregants volunteer when they can to help serve the breakfast. In addition, the school hires people from the community to help in the preparation and serving of the breakfast.

This program allows children attending Flemington Public School to be well nourished and ready to learn.

If you would like more information about the Flemington Breaksfast Program, please email

Flemington Coat Sale

Flemington Coat SaleTemple Sinai hosts a new winter jacket, hat and mitten sale each year. The Social Action Committee purchases almost 100 winter jackets, hats and mitts and makes them available to the families from Flemington Public School at a much reduced cost. The funds to purchase the jackets come from a variety of sources including The Investor’s Group and a number of groups at Temple Sinai such as Brotherhood, Social Action and Women of Temple Sinai.

Volunteers from Temple’s Social Action Committee and The Investor’s Group sell the clothing to the children and their parents. The goal is to ensure that the children have warm coats to wear throughout the winter. This sale is very well received and much appreciated.

Any funds raised at the sale are then donated to the school to be used for the needs of the children.

For more information about this initiative, please contact

Help Eva’s Place, a Toronto Youth Shelter in Need

Personal Care Items

We are collecting toiletries to donate to Eva’s Place, a Toronto youth shelter. The shelter is looking for travel/hotel-sized toiletries as well as full-sized items. Please consider donating unopened shampoo, lotion, soap, deodorant, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, disposable razors, shaving cream, and Q-Tips.

Help us to help the youth and bring the extra supply from your vacation back to Toronto, purchase some of the items with your Shopper’s points, golf tournament giveaways, etc. Take a few minutes and drop your items off at Temple, Eva’s Place youth will be happy that you did.

Food Bin

To further social action in our community, we offer the ease and convenience of having a food bin in the foyer at Temple Sinai. This has been a tradition at Temple for many years. Social Action Committee members deliver the food in the bin to our community food banks, both kosher and non-kosher, as well as to a community youth shelter. Feel free to donate all sorts of non-perishable food items. They need to be current (don’t empty 10-year-old food from the cupboard).


MAZON Tzedakah Boxes

Mazon CanadaMAZON Canada is the national Jewish Response to Hunger. MAZON Canada raises funds primarily from within the Jewish community and distributes those funds, on a non-denominational basis, to Canadian organizations battling hunger on the front lines. Based on the tradition of "tikkun olam" (healing the world), MAZON Canada strives to link public awareness about the issue of poverty and hunger with the mitzvah (obligation) of tzedakah (justice/charity).

Mazon tzedakah tins will be placed on most every table at Temple where food is served, except on Shabbat. The gift shop has a tin that is always available on Sundays. Please give freely, knowing that together we can make an impact and help those in need. The monies collected are tallied and a cheque is sent to Mazon Canada from you, the membership at Temple Sinai Congregation. Be a part of something meaningful!

A weekly contribution, easily built into your family’s routine, can be the start of a tradition that you nurture in your family. Let this be the start of something great!