Death and Bereavement

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When my father passed away, I was lost. But my experience coming to Temple Sinai as a new member to say kaddish was a complete surprise to me. I was welcomed. I was embraced. I was blown away by how much people truly cared. — Zale Hambourg

Be open to the pain of your broken heart. God enters through its brokenness. — Karen Katafiasz, Grief Therapy

Yahrzeit candle

Our aim, through our various programs and initiatives is to provide insight and guidance on the topic of bereavement, reaching out to those of us who have lost a loved one as well as to those who provide support to the bereaved.

"Traditions Help Us Cope with Suffering" by Rabbi Michael Dolgin

For a Yahrzeit

Jewish Cemeteries in the Greater Toronto Area

Jewish Funeral Homes in Greater Toronto

Community Support Agencies

Guide To Jewish Rituals of Death, Bereavement and Consolation

Literature on Death and Bereavement

Programs at Temple Sinai

Medically Assisted Dying

Texts Related to Ending the Life of the Terminally Ill

Audio Study Session Led by Rabbi Michael Dolgin