Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Alan studying for his bar mitzvah with Joan Dolgin.A Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony acknowledges the moment of becoming a Jewish adult. Preparation extends well beyond formal classes and takes place in the classroom, the home, the sanctuary and even over e-mail. Our goal remains constant: to prepare our children to be the adults and Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Seeing our new young adults grow, develop, and lead our community inspires us and we will do all we can to see that your celebration reflects Jewish values and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Looking Ahead
Bar/bat mitzvah does not conclude the religious education experience at Temple Sinai. Through our high school program (Tuesdays from 7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.), Jewish study continues from bar/bat mitzvah through to leadership training and student teaching in Grades 11 and Grade 12

Let’s make sure to highlight the MITZVAH of the bar/bat MITZVAH!
We love mitzvot at Temple Sinai! We would love to assist you in placing an extra emphasis on performing mitzvot as part of the bar/bat mitzvah experience. A number of our b’nei mitzvah families have been volunteering on the Ve’ahavta Van giving sandwiches and coffee to homeless residents of downtown Toronto. Some of our b’nei mitzvah families choose to twin their simchah with a child who perished in the Holocaust. Many of our b’nei mitzvah families make charitable centerpieces of canned goods or toys to donate to people in need. Just a few of the many ways to centre your simchah on tzedakah!

Talia celebrated her bat mitzvah at Temple. Here she recounts her experience as a volunteer on the Ve’ahavta van, which is sponsored by the Social Action Committee.

Talia assembled a dozen bags with food and Passover and Easter cards before hitting the streets.In the car driving to the Ve’ahavta Centre, I was feeling a little nervous about what I was going to experience that night. I have always been a little intimidated by our downtown. When my father and I arrived at the Ve’ahavta Centre, we walked into the building and saw stacks of sleeping bags, clothing and food. Then I met Lauren, who manages the Outreach Program. Her role is to drive the van, seeking out homeless people.

After loading up the van with hot soup, socks, gloves and various food, including bagels with cheese and peanut butter, we headed out for the night. On the way downtown, Lauren prepped us on what to expect and how to act. We learned some interesting things; most important was that people on the street want respect and to be treated like everyday citizens. Lauren was incredible. She explained how easy it was to become homeless and how incredibly hard it was to get back. She knew everyone we met and all of their stories. Most were very tragic, and not what I expected.

We drove for a while and arrived at a spot that seemed like the side of the highway. There we met a man, who was grateful to receive our coffee and bagels. After this first stop, I was feeling much more calm and actually began to look forward to seeing more clients. Another stop was the Metro Centre. Due to the minus twenty degree weather, the main floor of the building had been turned into a warming  centre. There were forty to fifty people of all types and needs making use of this facility. Our hot soup and socks were the most popular; everyone seemed very grateful. I made many personal connections with certain clients that will last a lifetime for me, and hopefully for them. I was honestly surprised at how nice and friendly everyone was and learned a very
important lesson: Don’t judge a book by its cover. As a result of my experience, I now look for ways to help the homeless on a regular basis, including buying a slice of pizza for them when I encounter them near a local Pizza Pizza.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Workbook Parent Edition


Adult B'nei Mitzvah Program
2012/2013 Adult B'nei Mitzvah ClassWhen I stood with the Torah in my arms, my shoulders draped in my late father’s tallit, I experienced an indescribable sense of pride, freedom and happiness. I am so thankful that I had the privilege of holding the Torah and dancing freely in this country, and that I will have the opportunity for further study at Temple. I truly love the experience of studying with the clergy! — Berta Banks

Are you looking for an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Judaism and your participation within our Jewish community? Maybe you are seeking a chance to reclaim an experience that may not have been available to you when you were younger? Would you welcome a chance to study and explore Jewish liturgy, ritual and texts with adult eyes and take on a challenge that will become its own reward?

Our Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program explores Jewish liturgy and rituals, teaches students to chant Torah and offers the guidance and support that will help create a learning-based project. Currently in its second year, students will celebrate their accomplishments on Simchat Torah. One of our b’nei mitzvah from last year has written about her journey.

We invite you to consider becoming a Temple Sinai Adult B’nei Mitzvah candidate. Join us for an unforgettable year of learning. Please contact 416.487.3281 or for more information.