A Historical Look at Jewish-Muslim Relations with J. R. Rothstein, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar


Go back in time and explore the history of the land of Israel from the
Bar Kochba rebellion to the Islamic invasion of the land in 638 CE. See
the rise of Islam, Muhammad’s personal encounters with the Israelites of
Medina and the conquest of the Jewish City State of Khaybar. These
early encounters in Arabia between Jews and Muslims impact relations today.

J.R. Rothstein is currently researching comparative real estate law at the
University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. Mr. Rothstein serves as a Steering
Committee and Board Member of AJC ACCESS where he is the former chair of
the Jewish-Muslim Taskforce.

No charge. Public welcome.

Program registration: Call Marcie at 416.487.4161 or email programs@templesinai.net

Location information

Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

Toronto M5M 3B1
210 Wilson Avenue