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Celebrating Shabbat at Temple Sinai

Grade One Music for Consecration
Mitkadem Program
Dynamic Hebrew Learning Groups
Kita Dalet Prayers 
Four Questions for Pesach



Grade One Music for Consecration
To listen and learn the consecration music, please click on the songs below.

Consecration Song Shema


Mitkadem Program

Mitkadem's self-paced and child-centered approach allows each student to achieve according to his/her own ability, identifes those students who need additional help early on, and gives the learner the ability to move more quickly through the material. 

The program consists of 23 ramot, or levels. Students may work independently, with another student at a similar level, or with another student in a "tutorial" relationship. In a Mitkadem classroom, the teacher becomes more of a resource and facilitator for students' self-directed Hebrew learning.

Ramot in PDF

Mitkadem Alef-Bet and Vowels Ramah 6 Ramah 12 Ramah 18
Mitkadem Prayer Map Ramah 7 Ramah 13 Ramah 19
Ramah 2 Ramah 8 Ramah 14 Ramah 20
Ramah 3 Ramah 9 Ramah 15 Ramah 21
Ramah 4 Ramah 10 Ramah 16 Ramah 22
Ramah 5 Ramah 11 Ramah 17  


Prayers for Ramot

Ramah 4 Ramah 9 Ramah 13 Ramah 16
First Candle Chanukkah—Chanting Shema—Chanting Oseh Shalom—Chanting Aleinu—Chanting
Second Candle Chanukkah—Chanting Shema—Reading Oseh Shalom—Reading Aleinu—Reading
Candle Blessings for Shabbat and Holy Days Ve'ahavta—Chanting Shalom Rav—Chanting  
Shehechiyanu for Chanukkah Ve'ahavta—Reading Shalom Rav—Reading Ramah 17
Food Blessings—Chanting   Sim Shalom—Chanting Chatzi Kaddish—Friday Night 
Food Blessings—Reading Ramah 10 Sim Shalom—Reading Chatzi Kaddish—Reading
  Ge'ulah Evening—Reading   Chatzi Kaddish—Saturday AM 
Ramah 6 Ge'ulah Morning—Reading Ramah 14  Kaddish Yatom—Reading 
Torah Blessings—Chanting Mi Chamochah Evening—Chanting  Kedushah—Chanting  
Torah Blessings—Reading Mi Chamochah Morning—Chanting Kedushah—Reading  Ramah 19
    V'shamru—Chanting   After Haftarah—Long Chant
Ramah 7 Ramah 11 V'shamru—Reading After Haftarah—Long Reading
Yotzer—Reading Avot Chant    After Haftarah—Short Chant
Ma'ariv Aravim—Reading Avot Read  Ramah 15 After Haftarah—Short Reading
    Adonai Sfatai—Chanting Before Haftarah—Chanting
Ramah 8 Ramah 12 Adonai Sfatai—Reading Before Haftarah—Reading
Ahavah Rabbah—Reading Gvurot Smr Meitim Read Elohai N'tzor—Chanting  
Ahavat Olam—Reading Gvurot Wnt Hakol Chant     
  Gvurot Wnt Hakol Read    


Dynamic Hebrew Learning Groups
Celebrating Sukkot at Temple SinaiHebrew studies at Temple Sinai:
• Small, dynamic learning groups, guided by one of our teachers;
• Organized by instructional level, or ramah;
• Organized into groups with a maximum of four students;
• Take place once per week, for an hour and a quarter;
• Take place either at students’ homes or at Temple (rooms will be available at Temple from Sunday to Thursday);
• Include short podcasts based on each prayer, in order to incorporate some aspect of Temple into the lesson.

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Kita Dalet Prayers
Kita Dalet students will be tested by one of the rabbis, cantors, or director of congregational learning. An 80% prayer book reading proficiency will be required to place out of Kita Hey (Grade 7).

The prayer project testing will be done from the end of April to May.
If a student requires more Hebrew enrichment, they will be required to attend Wednesday classes during the fall semester.
To maintain siddur proficiency, a prayer service will be conducted once a month on Tuesdays before Religious School. This service will be held at 6.30 p.m. Attendance is expected for at least six of those services in their grade 7 year for those who have passed the proficiency test.

To download the readings, please click here.

Listen to the Readings:

Barchu Peace Divine Power Hatikvah
Ma'ariv Aravim Sim Shalom Mah Tovu Ein Keiloheinu
Shema Aleinu Elu D'varim  
Va'yomer Kiddush for Shabbat Morning Morning Blessings  
Reader's Kaddish God of our Ancestors Source of Love