ShinShinim 2017-2018


  Noa Shulman
Noa Shulman    Shalom, 

I'm Noa Shulman and I'm going to be your next Shinshinit.
I live in Herzliya, near the sea. I'm in my last year of school in Rishonim High School. My majors are Chemistry because I like to know how things work in a scientific way - and Arabic, because I believe it's important to know this language if we want coexistence in our country.
I have 2 siblings: one brother named Shahar who is 29 years old, and one sister named Saha who is 26 years old (yes, I'm the only one with a different sounding name).
My father is named Aharon, and is from Belarus. My mother is named Sally, and she is from Iraq.
We are a really close family, very supportive of one another, but of course I'm the boss ;)
A huge part of my life is the Scouts. I have been in the scouts since the 4th grade. I have been a guide for 3 years. Now I'm part of a team of guides who train 9th graders to be guides themselves for the next year. I travel around Israel a lot with the Scouts and love to see the beautiful views of the country. Being a guide is one of my favorite things. It makes me feel that I'm doing something important for the teenagers I work with.
My other two hobbies are reading and dancing. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I have danced a lot of styles, classic, modern, lyrical jazz, hip hop, locking and of course, Israeli dance.
I'm looking forward to working with you, bringing my Israeliness to Toronto, and making a connection between my country and your community.
I'm excited to meet, and to get to know you all next year!


 Ilay Shimony
 Ilay Shimony


My name is Ilay Shimony. Together with my friend Noa Shulman, I’m going to be the next Shinshin at Temple Sinai and Bialik Hebrew Day School! After meeting David and Annette in Israel and learning a little bit about your lovely community, I would like to introduce myself shortly.

I live in a small village called Nirit, in the center of Israel. This is a very small place with about 300 families, and the only shop we have here is a grocery store!

My mother, Orna, is a theater designer, and my father, Eran, is a partner at a law firm. I have two younger siblings; my brother May is 14 years old, and my sister Noga is 10.

I study in an environmental leadership development program in “HaKfar HaYarok” high school – an agricultural youth village next to Tel Aviv. Students from all across the country come to study there, and the opportunity to become friends with so many varied and interesting people is what makes HaKfar HaYarok so special for me. My majors are Computer Science and Social Studies, and I chose this combination in order to enrich my knowledge in these two interesting and useful areas.

Since grade 3, I have been a member of “B’nei HaMoshavim” youth movement. After being a counsellor for a year, I became in charge of the guidance in Nirit. In this capacity I built an annual educational process, on topics such as leadership, social involvement and Israeli society. I develop the contents and supervise them, and I guide the counsellors about the monthly topics. I enjoy it very much, and I see it as a great responsibility to educate our students, to discuss social dilemmas with them and to design the society of the future using our guidance tools.

Moreover, I am the ‘young reporters’ coordinator of the most popular teen magazine and teen website in Israel - “Rosh Ehad”. I do it for about four years, and I am in charge of our 30 reporters. I edit their articles, initiate special projects and write by myself. I also have a weekly spot about social networks in a teenagers’ TV news program in Israeli Channel 1.

I find it very important to promote social change in the content that I responsible for, and I mostly write about issues such as young entrepreneurs, social problems, and the Israeli education system (This year, I interviewed our Minister of Education in a live broadcast, and also the former one).

I am really excited for next year, and can't wait to meet you all in Toronto and to learn everything possible about the community and the city. I hope I will manage to bring Israel through my eyes all the way to Canada, and I am sure that this will be an unforgettable year!

See you soon,