Young Families

Shalom and Welcome Home!  

Welcome to our Young Families community. We are a mixture of parents, children, clergy and Temple Sinai members who come together to explore learning,
friendship and growth, all within our fun and positive Judaic landscape. Our Temple Sinai Young Families community is committed to:

  • Delivering unique and insightful programming in a fun, dynamic and welcoming environment
  • Bringing a strong community together and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard
  • Teaching our children the importance of and special qualities of Judaism 

We’ve had a long and storied history with Temple Sinai - beginning with tot Shabbats with our baby and toddler to Purim carnivals, havdalahs, Chanukah
parties, baby naming...and in October our first bar mitzvah. Temple Sinai has really given our kids a sense of community and connection to their Judaism
.— Sara Noble


Rachael Goodman  Welcome Home

As a Jewish mother with two young children, I know the importance of instilling in my kids the values of family, community and
the meaning of Judaism. I’m excited to be Temple Sinai’s Young Families Engagement Specialist, creating wonderful programs and
building relationships ensuring that Temple Sinai is a home away from home and a place where all family members are welcomed
and embraced. I’m always happy to discuss programming or to just grab a coffee and welcome you to our Temple family.


Young Families Programming

Our Young Families Programming is truly unique and offers unrivalled events. We fuse participation, learning and fun in a variety
of programs that fit our Young Families community.


2017 02 10 Temple Sinai Tu BShvat Kids P1540956KIDushat Shabbat

Don’t miss celebrating Shabbat, family style, and the best part is that you don’t have to do the dishes! In a structured environment, we create a unique theme for all ages. The traditions of Shabbat are presented, along with a great lesson surrounding life, holidays or other themes. We watch the little kids sing, dance and celebrate, while the older kids engage in meaningful discussions and enjoy bringing forward their insights. At KIDushat Shabbat there is something for all members of the family – and the cookiesare an especially big hit

Temple Sinai was the right community for us; the one we wanted our children to grow up in. We are delighted with our choice: we have found so many friends here at Temple and feel that this community is like our family. —Nathalie Rethazy


Please click here to listen to the Kiddush.

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Once of the most beautiful times of the week is closing off Shabbat. Throughout the year, we plan several special
Havdalahs for our young families. Please join us as we share these magical times. 



King Mordecai, Queen Esther, a troll, a superhero, or a bumblebee, Purim is the time of the year when we are always
so excited to see our community’s costume creativity. Join us annually, as we celebrate Purim in a fun, unique and
inviting environment for all family members.  

Temple Sinai is such a nice, traditional synagogue with a warm feel. We love brining my daughter to the Purim carnival
and look forward to bringing our other kids to events. — 
Kayla Barda 



Latkes, dreidels, lighting the menorah and having lots of fun is all part of our Temple Sinai Chanukah celebration.
Annually we bring our Young Families together for prayer, song and dance around this important holiday. Don’t miss
out on this family fun event that gets the whole family excited. 

Tempe Sinai has been a place for us to engage in Judaism in a confortable, fun and inviting atmosphere. Our kids love the experience and we look forward to taking an active role at Temple Sinai for years to come! — Cathy Meles


Community Events

over the course of the year, look out for some fun, Mom, Dad and family events taking place inside and outside Temple Sinai.
They are exciting, educational and allow you to meet other community members.


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